Opening May 17 with the EQT Children’s Festival • More Details Coming Soon

We’ve been bursting at the seams keeping this one a secret! This sensory-friendly children’s immersive is the fully realized remount of 2016’s Welcome to Here. Originally commissioned by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust for the EQT Children’s Festival, Welcome to Here ran for a mere 4 days before we had to say goodbye to our friends in the forest. Ever since, we’ve been working to bring it back for a much longer stay. If you missed it the first time, now is your chance. And if you were one of our original explorers, come back and see how the Forest has grown!

About the Forest of Everywhere
A colossal storm has rearranged the entire globe, causing whole cities to change locations! Swept up from all across the world, our furry and feathered animal friends have found refuge in a beautiful enchanted Forest. Now they need your help fitting into their new surroundings. Come play and make friends with Esther the singing ostrich, laugh and groove with Don Key the dancing burro, and relax under the stars with Hops, the sweetest, softest bunny. You can play instruments, make your mark in the chalk cave, and become the hero to a newcomer who just wants to feel like they belong.

This experience takes your kids out of their seats and into a real life adventure where they can explore an open world with everything from a sliding board to a bug dig. Your child can have one-on-one interactions and simply be themselves without the restrictions and rules of traditional theater. Sitting is not a requirement. Being quiet for long periods of time is not a requirement. As long as you promise to try to be gentle and kind, you belong in The Forest of Everywhere.

Sensory-friendly and Fun for All
While The Forest of Everywhere was built with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families in mind, it is great for kids of all abilities! This experience is a fully accessible, open-world journey that lets each child choose their own adventure, timing, and level of involvement. The Forest features soothing lights, soft and harmonious sounds, and physical features ranging from open space to a private, cozy nook for one. The Forest also includes a “safe space” common to sensory-friendly shows, so if your child needs a break and would like to re-enter in their own timing, they can. By shrugging off the rules and demands traditional theater places on children, The Forest of Everywhere creates an environment where kids can just be themselves.