Our Supporters

Bricolage would like to thank everyone who has helped make what we do possible.

Foundations and Corporate Support

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Bricolage Adventurers

Everyone who gives to Bricolage plays an important role in making the adventurous theater you love possible.

We’ve chosen to stop listing people by donation amount, and instead to list donors alphabetically to recognize that, whether you can give $1,000 or $10, your support is valued, needed, and appreciated. – With love, the Bricolage Team

Barbara Abramovitz
Jamie Agnello
Joseph Ambrose
Valerie Asbury
Ronald Bandes
John Battaglia
Marjorie and Alan Baum
Dorothy Bechtol
Dorothy Bellhouse
Samantha Bennett
Emilee Betz
Susan Blackman
Audrey and Michael Bode
Travis Breaux
Timothy Bronson
Myra Bullington
Daniel Burns
Allison Cahill
Judy Cameron
Sarah Campbell Household
Carla Riccelli
Jenna Caputo
Josh McElhattan and Lesley Carlin
Christie Cawley
Ron Cence
Carol Chestnut
Jayne Chianelli
Christine Starkey
Becky Clarkson
Lorrie, Chuck, Maya, and Nina Cranor
Katherine Crawford
Robert Creo
Steve Cuden
Robert Cunningham
Stephen Denuyl
Jeanne and Robert Drennan
Christine Dvonch
Kristen Ehrenberger
Janet Emery
Nancy Fair
Jack and Patty Farkas
Michelina Fato
David Finegold
David Gotwald and Peter Franzen
Fred Noel and Rick Fredin
Zanna Fredland
Jana Fredricks
Lauri Fink and Mike Gable
Evie Gardner
Lynn and Beth Geibel
Lynn and Beth Geibel
Jocelyn Gerwig
Benjamin Gesing
Neil Gillman
Joan Giordano
Nancy Glazener
Elizabeth Graf
Mark Grasak

Heather Gray
Alissa Grisler
Carol Sikov Gross
Joyce Hallowes
Hannon Creative Services
Charles Harris
Tracy Hawkins
Annette Heller
R. Philip Hilf
Steven Holz
Maher S. Hoque
Abigail Horn
Gabi Hughes
Abby Isaacs
MaryAnn Jordan
Laura and Adam Kabulski
Kourtney Karleski
Erin Kime
Gregory Lehane and Laurie Klatscher
Shannon Knapp
John Kolbinski
Lynn Kotys
Linda Krause
Matthew Kroen
Abby Goldstein and Jason Kumpel
Rob Long and Cathy Lewis-Long Hazel Carr Leroy
Brian Liu
Oleain Lockhart
David Longstreet
Mary Ann Kelly-Lovasz and John E. Lovasz
Diann Malcolm
Jeffrey Mangan
Sally Martin
Jamie Martina
Britton Mauk
Michael McBurney
Janet McCall
Scott Leff and Marilyn McDaniel
James McNeel
Amanda McVay
Devan Mercurio
Ryan Micallef
Tiffany Minard
Jamie and Kevin Moder
David Mortensen
Griffin Murphy
Erin Myers
Keri Nace
Heidi Nagle
Corinne Neal
Carmelle Nickens
Greg Norcie
Rosie Norgren
Samuel Nosenzo
Anna Novikova
Maggie Oates
Susan Orr
Marlene Ozel

Shelly Pagac
TJ Parker-Young
Joanna Patterson
Wendy Arons and Michael Perdriel
Georgia Petropoulos
Diane Pickle
Allison Whitney and Brian Pietrandrea
Shanti Pillai
John Pippy
Carole Popchock
Greg Quinlan
Vijay Raghavan
Cathy Raphael
Nancy Remaley
Maria Rewiako
Carson, Leslie and Rob Riker
Mason Risley
Matthew Loughren and Sally Ritts
Maureen J. Rolla
Mia Rosenfeld
Lauren Russell
Anjali Sachdeva
Janet Sarbaugh
Andrew Schepler
Phillip Schuller
Debbie Scotto
Wendy Serapiglia
Robert Seres
Melanie Shrawder
Martin Richter and Paula Signorino-Richter
Christine Simmons
Henry and Colleen Simonds
Sonja Simonson
Michael Sivack
Heidi Mueller Smith and Cotter Smith
Steven Sokol
Aaron Solak
Jeffrey Solomon
Ingrid Sonnichsen
Lisa Sovak
Russ Sovek
Eric Sprosty
Randy Staab
Jeff and Marie Stapinski
Bill and Susan Steen
Joan Stone
Carol Tabas
Carol Wooten and Ed Tomlinson
Rebecca Farabaugh and Carrie Tongarm
KarenSue Uriah
Lynne Ventress
Mike Verbic
Francis Vitale
Joan Stevenson and Jay Volk
Bonita Kwolek and Jeffrey Wagner
Carol Young
Victoria Young


This list is accurate to the best of our knowledge for all 2020 Bricolage Adventurers (from July 1st, 2019 – February 24th, 2020). Donations from July 1st, 2019 – June 30th, 2020 qualify for 2020 Bricolage Adventurer benefits. If you have any questions about the Bricolage Adventurers program or your donation records or listing, please contact Tami Dixon at tami@bricolagepgh.org or (412) 471-0999.