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Fuel Our Fire!

Bricolage is a non profit theater and we rely on donations from our Bricolage Family – people like you – to keep fueling the adventurous theater that you love.

To send a WISH to Bricolage for the New Year: email nicole@bricolagepgh.org with your wish, and we’ll read it round the fire!

A Message from our Staff

As you may know, every January, the Bricolage team goes to a cabin in the woods to plan the year ahead. We gather around the fire, Jeffrey and Tami tell the story of Bricolage’s founding, we cook for each other, and share about our work.

Today, we want to tell you about the infamous time we found a boat at the retreat and what it meant to us.

It was late one night that Jeffrey decided IT was happening. He led whoever would follow down to the lake. We got in the boat, pushed off from the dock, and trusted. Jackie (our Managing Director) made damn well sure we all wore life vests. Michael (a trained lifeguard) pointed out the nearest shoreline to us. Fred (who also does improv comedy!) made us laugh about the possibility of death. Nicole (just 5 months in at Bricolage) felt she had found a beautiful group of people to go down in a boat with, or, if they all survived, to work with!

Was it risky? Yes! The current was strong, there was a dam, hypothermia was inches away. But, in the end, Jeffrey rowed us safely back to the dock. And we feel nothing could be more typical than for the Bricolage team to all cram into a tiny boat at midnight in winter and row onto a lake. It’s that spirit of risk-taking, adventuring, and dreaming that your donation goes to support.

a worn out, old row boat balanced on the edge of a dock on the lake
from Jackie’s cell phone – the infamous boat

On the last night, we gathered around a bonfire in the snow with Jeffrey, Jackie, and Tami. Every year, Bricolage family tradition dictates that Jackie get Jeffrey to tell us the theme for the year. 2019’s theme was “building the fire.”

This hits home in a year where we tried so many new things. From Theater for All, to making Bazaar better, to Project Amelia – we have been building something bigger all year long. And through it all, people like you keep our fire burning. Whether you donate, volunteer, come to shows, or surprise us with donuts and coffee when we’re working round the clock, you help keep our inner flames alight.

We hope you’ll donate to Bricolage today, and keep our fires burning in 2020. Thank you, in advance, for being the fuel for our fire, and the heart in our family. We are so very grateful for you, and we hope to see you soon.

From the Bricolage team, with fire and love,

the team gathers for a selfie portrait. Emily, Fred, TJ, Michael, and Nicole all smile at the camera. Nicole's dog Mya also smiles.

P.S. Love Bricolage? Want to get closer and join us on our adventures? Your gift at the end of 2019 entitles you to 2020 Bricolage Adventurer benefits. We hope you’ll give to be the fuel to our fire. Thank you!

P.P.S. Want us to read a wish from you to Bricolage aloud at the staff retreat? You can donate online and email your wish to nicole@bricolagepgh.org. THANK YOU!


Bricolage Adventurers

Without people like you, the adventurous theater we produce would not be possible. We invite you to take the leap and become one of our Bricolage Adventurers. Our Bricolage Adventurers Program is designed to show our love to our risk-takers, supporters, and friends of all kinds. As thanks for making what we do possible, you’ll receive all the perks of your adventure level, plus everything below it.

Be a part of the adventure with Bricolage Adventurers

PIONEERS – $5,000+
• Gift of an “artifact” from a Bricolage experience*
• Insider tour of a production for you and three guests*

REVOLUTIONARIES – $1,000-$4,999
• Go out to lunch, tea, or drinks with any staff member
• Invitation to Story Night with our founders, Jeff and Tami

DISCOVERERS – $500-$999
• Invitation to pre-show drinks before a performance
• Invitation to sit in on a first read/rehearsal of a production

REBELS – $250-$499
• Invitation to a private cast party
• Receive a copy of a Midnight Radio jingle signed by Tami

SOJOURNERS – $100-$249
• Invitation to annual Bricolage Family Reunion
(catch up with the cast of your favorite production!)

SCOUTS – $1-$99
• Advance ticket sales to all productions
• Listing in show programs and on the Bricolage website
*dependent on production timing

To become a Bricolage Adventurer, you can donate via the above form.

OR mail a check to Bricolage Production Company, 937 Liberty Ave., 1st Floor. Pittsburgh, PA 15222

OR give us a call at 412-471-0999,

OR send us a carrier pigeon to same address as above.