Accessible Theater

At Bricolage, we are committed to providing an environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all patrons.

Our space in downtown Pittsburgh, located at 937 Liberty Avenue, has wheelchair access. Tour the Bricolage theater before your visit in our Google 360 tour.

Many of our shows also offer the following accessible features:

  • Braille and large print programs
  • Audio description
  • ASL Interpretation to our theater performances
  • Immersive Companions program
  • All-gender restrooms


Information on specific program accommodations can be found within the listings for our current season. We also encourage you to identify any specific accommodations that would make your experience more enjoyable by contacting Fred Frances at 412.471.0999 or We make every attempt to be transparent with programs that may present specific challenges for participation.

Thanks to the Robert F. and Joan Marie Klein Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation, Bricolage is thrilled to add a menu of services to our check-in desk to help make your visit as comfortable as possible. The menu includes:

  • noise-reduction ear muffs
  • weighted lap pads
  • vests that translate sound into vibrations
  • fidgets
  • rollator walkers

You can request items in advance or at the door the same night of the performance.

Immersive Companions

A character from DODO hands something to a participant.
Immersive Companion Karen Hannon participates in a training run of DODO. • Photo by HG Photography

Our goal is to make Bricolage’s theater productions enjoyable to people of all abilities.While traditional theater can rely on standardized services like audio description or ASL interpretation for performances, Immersive theater requires solutions that are hand-tailored to each show and individual.

To preserve the heavily sensory-based and personalized nature of immersive theater, Bricolage began piloting a new kind of accommodation in 2015.  Our Immersive Companions program officially launched with the premiere of DODO in 2017. Learn more about the history of the program by reading our press release or checking out this feature in American Theatre Magazine.

How It Works

The Immersive Companions program is offered to attendees who would  otherwise be unable to fully experience one of our immersive theater productions. Our program is one of the first and most robust accessibility initiatives of its kind and truly embodies our “theater for all” spirit. Immersive Companions reach out to theater patrons in advance of the performance date to discuss their needs. On the day of their theater performance, the immersive companion accompanies them on their journey through an immersive theater experience, providing assistance only as often as needed. For example, a patron who is visually impaired may be assigned an Immersive Companion who is trained in both sighted guide and audio description. The same participant may also experience changes to the production itself, such as the use of essential oils to emulate the calming effect of a section of the piece that is rooted in light design.

Attending a Bricolage Immersive Theater Production?

If you’re attending one of Bricolage’s immersive theater productions and have any concerns about your ability to fully enjoy the piece, please feel free to reach out to us. You can call or text 412.471.0999, email Fred at, or describe your concerns in the comments section when purchasing tickets.

Become an Immersive Companion at Bricolage

Our Immersive Companions include paid specialists, volunteers, and accessibility professionals willing to donate their time to assist in our mission. Immersive Companions enter the program at all skill levels. We welcome all kind, patient, generous people to participate in the program. We also need companions with specialized training and certifications including (but not limited to):

  • Audio description
  • ASL interpretation
  • Federal child abuse clearances
  • Certified Autism Specialists
  • Behavioral Therapists
  • PHDs or advanced degrees in Occupational Therapy

To apply to become an Immersive Companion or to learn more, call 412.471.0999 or email Fred at

Theater for All: Free 2019 Theater Tickets

At Bricolage, we’ve made big strides in accessibility in the past few years. We are continuing to add accommodations and ensure our artists are more representative of the people of Pittsburgh. To read more about our access initiatives, check out this interview with No Proscenium.

The list of initiatives we offer in an attempt to open our doors ever wider goes on. Unfortunately, no matter how many we add, there’s still one big problem for many of our potential attendees. Our shows cost money and money is tight. For those folks, we’re putting aside more than 500 tickets in 2019 that are absolutely, 100% free. No fees, no volunteer shifts, no way to tell who paid apart from who didn’t.

Click here to learn more about how it all works, and get the scoop on our next Free for All dates in 2019.