Welcome to Here

  • May 12 - 15, 2016

  • EQT Children’s Theatre Festival

  • All Ages

Welcome to Here, A sensory friendly adventure

Welcome to Here is a sensory-sensitive adventure that provides a space for friends and families to celebrate, explore, and belong. This production is designed to welcome individuals with autism spectrum disorders and sensory sensitivities, but everyone is invited!

Written and Directed by Tami Dixon

An ensemble of artists from Bricolage Production Company, alongside members of the ASD community, created this highly anticipated world premiere.

Join us on an imaginative journey past threshold guardians, through tunnels, over barriers, and into a covert cave. On this personal quest, you’ll meet allies, conquer fears, traverse trials, solve puzzles, and quite possibly emerge as the “Hero of Here.”


Bricolage’s production Welcome to Here is mindful about sensory sensitivities. There are no loud noises, bright lights, or abrupt surprises. If your child is ever feeling over-stimulated, a comfort zone is available at all times. Bricolage’s space at 937 Liberty Avenue is designed for wheelchair access and features accessible all-gender restrooms. Bricolage is committed to providing an environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all patrons. We encourage patrons to identify any specific accommodations that would make their experience more enjoyable, or any other requests in the comments section when purchasing tickets or by calling us at 412.471.0999 or emailing Fred at fred@webbricolage.org.

SOCIAL STORY: Click here for the social story, a visual guide that will help you know what to expect for the show Welcome to Here.

See What Everyone Else Is Saying

  • “The immersive piece tells a story of a personal quest into a land filled with whimsical characters and enchanted terrain. It is sensory-sensitive, from the lighting and costumes to the design of the sound stage”

    – Candy Williams, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
  • “The transformation of Bricolage’s space is outstanding. The twilight lit room is full of intricately carved cardboard trees from which birds can be heard chirping, a circle of stumps and stones rest in the middle for participants to gather around and sing with Ranger Roger and there is even a slide in Don Key’s house.”

    – Jake Lake, Pittsburgh in the Round
  • “Using fantastical puppetry and forest environments, the work was created by Bricolage’s producing artistic director Tami Dixon to be flexible, fun and provide a comfortable and safe experience”

    – Sharon Eberson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Meet the Cast & Crew

  • Writer & Director

    • Tami Dixon
  • Performers/Devisors

    • David Bielewicz
    • Siovhan Christensen
    • Parag S. Gohel
    • Missy Moreno
    • Gayle Pazerski
    • Vanya Rumsey
  • Assistant Director

    • Jackie Baker
  • Costume Designer

    • Madison Hack
  • Scenic Designer

    • Stephanie Mayer-Staley
  • Sound Design Team

    • Sarah Pickett
    • Chris Evans
    • David Gotwald
  • Lighting Designer

    • Michael J. Papinchak III
  • Technical Director

    • Duane Alan
  • Dramaturg

    • Stephanie Kane
  • Stage Manager

    • Ryan Looke
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