The Clearing

  • June 14 - July 15, 2018


  • 16 and up

You enter a quiet meadow unsure of what comes next, lost in thought, longing to know what’s true. Is this the past? Is this the future?

The feeling of grass underneath your feet. Cool water on your skin. A whisper from a long forgotten lover. Memories, like dreams, surface then fade away.

Sink into a space of quiet thoughts.
Experience an untethering – a momentary release.
A clearing in the chaos.

In the dense forest of your life is there room for more? Are you holding on to things you no longer need?

Come to The Clearing and make way for what is yours.

What is IE?

Forget the seat. Forget the stage. This is unlike any show you’ve ever experienced.

Named “Best Bite-sized Theater” by Pittsburgh Magazine, Immersive Encounters (IE) are intimate, personal, sensory-based theatrical experiences. These bite-sized moments-to-remember are intentionally mysterious and radically unique, inviting you to take a journey into the unknown.

Immersive Encounters are not meant to be a comprehensive experience; they are simply short, 20-60 minute distillations of a larger idea. These mini-encounters serve as a creative play space for both creators and patrons to explore a specific concept or aesthetic. We suggest you remain open and do not cling to any previous immersive experiences you may have had in the past.

Bricolage’s 2018 Immersive Encounters are sponsored by the Rita M. McGinley Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation


Tickets: $25-$40 • 2 patrons per time slot • About 50-75 minutes long

The earlier in the run you attend, the lower the ticket price. This is in part to reward those who are our early-adopters – the ones who will show up the moment we open our door – and in part to better recognize the higher quality of experience that patrons who come late in the run receive. Our work doesn’t end when we open a show; we are constantly working, using each night’s performances, feedback from the audience, and organic growth of the world we create to inform the next evening’s experience. The first times and dates we have available are our most accessible seats; those last in the run are our best in the house.

Encounters are individual and personal – if you purchase tickets with another person, be prepared to be separated during the experience. This experience requires your participation and your trust. We have taken every effort to ensure your safety and comfort and in turn, we ask your cooperation. The less you know about the experience the better. If you wish to know more about what to expect as a special accommodation, or if having specific additional information would help make it easier for you to join us, please call or email Fred at 412-471-0999 or

Things to Know:

  • There is absolutely no late entry to The Clearing. If you miss your departure time, you won’t be permitted to enter the experience and won’t be eligible for a refund.
  • Encounters are designed for ages 16 and up. Children are not allowed. Minors must be accompanied by a guardian. 
  • Please don’t bring any bags or large items that you cannot comfortably carry for the length of your experience (except emergency medications and other items necessary to your health).
  • Restroom access is extremely limited during your visit to The Clearing, and restrooms are not available before the performance begins (though we’re happy to make any arrangements necessary to accommodate medical needs).

For more detailed information about what to expect during your visit, click HERE.


Accessibility icons for wheelchair access, service animals, audio description, and ASL interpretation.

Bricolage’s space at 937 Liberty Avenue is designed for wheelchair access and features accessible all-gender restrooms. Bricolage also provides accommodations such as audio description and ASL interpretation through our Immersive Companion program. Please note that there are no physical programs for The Clearing. A screen-reader-friendly digital program is available upon request.

Bricolage’s immersive experiences are heavily rooted in the senses and often require movement. As a result, not all experiences are suitable for all patrons and we may need to make adjustments to the piece in advance to better suit an individual’s needs. We encourage you to communicate any specific accommodations that will help you better enjoy your time with us with at least one week’s notice if possible. Please give us a call at 412-471-0999 or email Fred at

See What Everyone Else Is Saying

  • "What’s on offer here is a small journey into your own relationship to fear, worry, anxiety, truth, lies, and betrayal – which means that (as with each of the immersive works Bricolage has created to date) your experience will be unique, personal, idiosyncratic, and quite possibly – as was my case – uncannily refreshing."

    – Wendy Arons, The Pittsburgh Tatler

Meet the Cast & Crew

  • Creative Team

    • Jeffrey Carpenter
    • Tami Dixon
    • Monteze Freeland
    • Gayle Pazerski
    • Taylor Knight (slowdanger)
    • Anna Thompson (slowdanger)
  • Stage Manager

    • Katelyn Colwell
  • Performers

    • Joy Poulard Cruz
    • Dave Malehorn
    • Brittany McLaughlin
    • Brenden Michael Peifer
    • Kasia Reilly
    • Zil Ricker
    • Kelsey Robinson
    • Johnny Terreri
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