Midnight Radio’s SCarrie: The Musical

  • October 23 - November 8, 2014

  • Rated NC17

Midnight Radio, Scarrie the Musical , October 23- November 8

Plug it up and let loose your dirty pillows: It’s Prom Night!

Bricolage’s Midnight Radio, SCarrie: The Musical opens October 23rd with pig’s blood, dirty pillows, and prom night revisited. This musical romps through the most electrifying night of senior year and makes you long for the days of corsages and awkward goodnight kisses!

This spin on a cult classic casts Carrie as a senior at Allderdice High School and features live Foley (sound effects), commercial spoofs, and a four-piece rock band.

See What Everyone Else Is Saying

  • “Whether you're a longtime fan or someone seeing it for the first time, Bricolage has brought its signature vision to the cult classic in ways that are likely to engage veterans and newcomers.”

    – Alice T. Carter, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
  • “An unabashedly mustachioed Connor McCanlus credibly tackles Carrie's fragility, vulnerability and rage, with more comedy than terror”

    – Michelle Pilecki, Pittsburgh City Paper
  • “The resulting adaptation employs the style of the book, which was supposedly written using news reports, journal entries and books written six years after Carrie's prom-night incident. But it's enhanced with live, old-radio-style sound effects, humorous commercials and a four-piece rock band playing original music by Joel Abbott”

    – Alice T. Carter, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
  • “Bricolage will take theater-goers on a gender-bending adventure complete with with pig’s blood, dirty pillows and plenty of devilish prom drama”

    – Jennifer Baron, NEXTpittsburgh

Meet the Cast & Crew

  • Adapted by

    • Tami Dixon
  • Director

    • Matt. M. Morrow
  • Original Music by

    • Joel Abbott
  • Cast

    • Julianne Avolio
    • Connor McCanlus
    • Kristiann Menotiades
    • Hayley Nielson
    • Quinn Patrick Shannon
    • Andrew Swackhamer
  • Lights

    • Mark Bailey
  • Music Director

    • Jason Coll
  • Sound Manager

    • Madison Decoske
  • Technical Director

    • Jarrod DiGiorgi
  • Set

    • Jeff Fuga
  • Sound Engineer

    • Brendan Kepple
  • Band

    • Justin Bendel
    • John Malone
    • Kurt McNaught

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