Midnight Radio: Season 2, Episode 4

  • October 21 - 23, 2010

Midnight Radio

It was broadcast on October 30, 1938, on CBS Radio, creating widespread panic among listeners, many of whom actually believed the US was under attack by Martian invaders.

Bricolage’s Midnight Radio program is a long-time fan favorite that takes the form of a classic 1940s radio broadcast complete with commercial parodies, musical underscoring, and live Foley sound effects. Over eight seasons, Midnight Radio episodes have ranged from zany, original variety shows to new adaptations of classics like It’s a Wonderful Life and War of the Worlds.

At Midnight Radio, attendees are cast as the live studio audience. Participants can watch the spectacle of the sounds being brought to life or simply shut their eyes and build the look of the show in their own imaginations.

See What Everyone Else Is Saying

  • “What it does is make performance art out of the way radio plays used to be performed, before recording technology made the on-the-spot creation of sound effects unnecessary. Half the fun is watching the Bricolage "Foley artists" use pebbles, shoes, fabric, wind machines, and thunder sheets to create sound effects which, when you close your eyes, sound like the real thing.”

    – Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • “You can return to the days of radio by closing your eyes and allowing the cast of five and musicians of the Ortner-Roberts Trio to bring the still-chilling sci-fi thriller to life. But that would mean missing the projections of bygone Pittsburgh and the efforts of Carpenter and Dixon as they create the sound effects of Martian activity destroying life as we know it. Either way, it's a captivating Halloween treat”

    – Alice T. Carter, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
  • "In 2003, the forward-thinking little stage company called Bricolage glimpsed its future. And its future was radio's past.”

    – Bill O’ Driscoll, Pittsburgh City Paper

Meet the Cast & Crew

  • Written by

    • H.G. Wells
  • Adapted for Radio by

    • Howard W. Koch
  • Directed by

    • Jeffrey Carpenter
  • Cast

    • Michael Fuller
    • Jeffrey Howell
    • Sheila McKenna
    • Jason McCune
  • Foley

    • Tami Dixon
    • Jeff Carpenter
  • Musical Guest

    • The Ortner-Roberts Duo
  • Guest Starring

    • Brian Sieworek of WYEP 91.3 FM
  • Projections

    • Andrew J. Paul

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