Midnight Radio: Season 1, Episode 4

  • October 2 - 3, 2009

Midnight Radio

Join us for our first annual late-night summer series, Midnight Radio – a monthly episodic “live” radio series, set after hours, complete with honey-voiced announcers, commercial breaks, vintage vinyl sound effects and a myriad of “Foley” props.

Each Midnight Radio episode will feature the unique talents of Pittsburgh writers, musicians, actors, comics, and “city celebrities.” Think A Prairie Home Companion on Red Bull.

As a special feature, the audience will choose by secret ballot which serials will continue to the September finale “smackdown” where the writers left standing will compete for cash prizes and the opportunity to air on 91.3 WYEP.

The Radio Series Smackdown

On a Wing and a Prayer by F.J. Harthal
Tracks by Wali Jamal
Monongahela Redux by Lissa Brennan

Meet the Cast & Crew

  • Directed by

    • Jeffrey Carpenter
  • Commercials

    • Tami Dixon
  • Foley

    • Jeffrey Carpenter
    • Tami Dixon
  • Music Director

    • Sam McUmber
  • Special Musical Guest

    • Barrett Black
  • Stage Managers

    • Alicia DeMara
    • Andrew J Paul
  • Cast

    • Tony Bingham
    • Sharon Brady
    • Lisa Ann Goldsmith
    • Joshua Elijah Reese
  • Special Correspondents

    • Alexi Morrisey as Gern Blanson
    • Angela M. Vesco as Aunt Mag