IE – Immersive Encounters

Immersive encounter

IE’s are intimate theatrical experiences presented in bite-sized portions, designed to awaken, challenge, and place the audience at the center of the the performance.

The Breakdown

Forget the seat. Forget the stage. This is unlike any show you’ve ever experienced.

Named “Best Bite-sized Theater” by Pittsburgh Magazine, Immersive Encounters (IE) are intimate, personal, sensory-based theatrical experiences. These bite-sized moments-to-remember are intentionally mysterious and radically unique, inviting you to take a journey into the unknown. Popping up sporadically throughout the year, these experiences sometimes sell out in a matter of hours and are often not advertised by conventional means.

Immersive Encounters are not meant to be a comprehensive experience; they are simply short, 20-60 minute distillations of a larger idea. These mini-encounters serve as a creative play space for both creators and patrons to explore a specific concept or aesthetic. We suggest you remain open and do not cling to any previous immersive experiences you may have had in the past.

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Bricolage’s 2018 Immersive Encounters are sponsored by the Rita M. McGinley Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation

See What Everyone Else Is Saying

  • “This experience only lasted approximately 15 - 20 minutes, yet it was like a vitamin shot for my soul. The concept was relatively simple in nature but it opened up so many thoughts and feelings within me while generating a human connection at the same time.”

    – Anonymous confession from the crowd
  • “I love theatre that challenges your notions about what art is, and when you break theatre down into small portions, you are able to isolate and clearly see the various elements that make theatre exciting.”

    – Anonymous confession from the crowd
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