B.U.S. Bricolage's Annual Fundraiser

Bricolage Urban Scrawl (B.U.S.) is Bricolage’s annual fundraiser that takes the form of a 24-hour theatre festival. We give 6 playwrights 12 hours to each write a 10-minute play inspired by a 90 minute ride in a city bus.

Then we challenge 6 directors and 24 actors to stage and memorize this brand new material over the next 12 hours. 24 hours after our inital meeting we present 6 original works inspired by Pittsburgh city landscape and people.

Past Editions


B.U.S. 11

B.U.S. 10

B.U.S. 9

B.U.S. 8

B.U.S. 7

B.U.S. 6

B.U.S. 5

B.U.S. 4

B.U.S. 3

B.U.S. 2

B.U.S. 1