B.U.S. 9

  • April 4 & 5, 2014

B.U.S. Bricolage Annual Fundraiser

Bricolage Urban Scrawl (B.U.S.) is Bricolage’s annual fundraiser that takes the form of a 24-hour theatre festival. We give 6 playwrights 12 hours to each write a 10-minute play inspired by a 90 minute rude in a city bus.

Then we challenge 6 directors and 24 actors to stage and memorize this brand new material over the next 12 hours. 24 hours after our inital meeting we present 6 original works inspried by Pittsburgh city landscape and people.

See What Everyone Else Is Saying

  • “Hop aboard the B.U.S. for one of Pittsburgh’s most dynamic fundraisers. Equal parts guerrilla theater, friendly kidnapping and battle of the creative wills, Bricolage Production Company is back with the ninth installment of its signature B.U.S. showdown. Dubbed Bricolage Urban Scrawl (B.U.S.), the alt theater company’s signature annual play-in-a-day series challenges 30 local playwrights, directors and actors to create a 10-minute play inspired by a 90-minute trip on a city bus. Oh, and it all must happen in 24 hours.”

    – Jennifer Baron, NEXTpittsburgh

Meet the Cast & Crew

  • Performers

    • Bevin Baker
    • Bryant Bently
    • Ken Bolden
    • Sharon Brady
    • Patrick Cannon
    • John Feightner
    • Meleana Felton
    • Monteze Freeland
    • Michael Fuller
    • Tressa Glover
    • Matt Henderson
    • William Jenkins
    • Amy Landis
    • Christiane Leech
    • Justin Lonesome
    • Jason McCune
    • Andy Nagraj
    • Hayley Nielsen
    • Joshua Elijah Reese
    • Maggie Ryan
    • Parag S. Gohel
    • Tammy Tsai
    • Cheryl El-Walker
    • Candace Walker
    • Sandy Zwier
  • Playwrights

    • Gab Cody
    • Vanessa German
    • Martin Giles
    • Wali Jamal
    • Molly Rice
    • Mark Clayton Southers
  • Directors

    • Cynthia Croot
    • Don DiGiulio
    • Cameron Knight
    • Sheila McKenna
    • Mark Staley
    • Marci Woodruff

Special Thank You To Our Sponsors

  • Copies at Carson, Inc
  • Pittsburgh City Paper
  • The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
  • Port Authority
  • The New Hazlett Theater
  • 90.5 WESA
  • 91.3FM WYEP