Education Program

Based on our popular Midnight Radio series, this program is an inquiry-rich, project-based learning initiative that engages students to research, develop, write, rehearse, and perform their very own radio plays and commercials based on what they’re studying in school.

In addition to core curricular connections, students practice artistic disciplines including creative writing, dramatic writing, performance, vocal production, music composition and performance, public speaking, sound design, and Foley artistry. These plays are performed live for an audience of fellow students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community. They may also be recorded for podcasts or a school’s television network.

Thanks to generous support from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, this program is expanding to Intermediate Unit #1 (IU1) Alternative Schools in Fayette, Greene, and Washington Counties, and the Fort Cherry school district through 2018.

To find out how you can bring the Midnight Radio Program to your school, please email  our Head of Education


Photos: Jeff Swensen for Bricolage


There are no open invitation Teaching Artist Workshops scheduled at this time; for more information about how to be come a Teaching Artist for Bricolage, please email



“…Yet when Midnight Radio Jr. goes into schools, it adds some educational elements. The day’s script may focus on a school’s chosen subject, such as Gettysburg and the Civil War or a current program on climate change and its impact on the oceans. That’s a current script, which includes a fake commercial selling a “bubblehead” – your own portable ecosystem for when global warming happens. It also features a plot point about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.”-
Marty Levine, “The secrets of inspiring kids with arts, from top Pittsburgh performers” – Kidsburgh


“It’s important to note, however, that the goal of this program is not to turn students into playwrights or actors, as tempting as it might be for us teaching artists to bring another one into the fold. We’re not there hoping to find the next Broadway star — we’re there to provide a creative outlet through storytelling and performance, to facilitate project-based learning. And this is a concrete and achievable goal, but it’s what happens along the way that is the most fascinating.”
Gayle Pazerski, “The arts show us who people are” – PostIndustrial