The Forest of Everywhere sold out
  • Bill O'Driscoll, 90.5 WESA

    Immersive Theater Experience Was Designed With Autism-Spectrum Audiences In Mind

    "But there’s no conventional narrative. Rather, families wander a forest-themed playground decked out with life-sized, corrugated-cardboard trees, meeting hand-puppet animals and friendly park rangers. There are sing-alongs, sensory-based activities, crafts and more."

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  • Sharon Eberson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Friendly Forest: Bricolage's immersive, inclusive 'Welcome to Here' blossoms into 'Everywhere'

    "Puppets are key players in the experience, and there is a new one in the Forest — Sobi is an ancient crocodile with mystical powers that is geared toward connecting to older children."

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    Bricolage Presenting Sensory-Friendly Production Of ‘The Forest Of Everywhere’

    Tami Dixon and Grayson Rumsey stop by to talk about the “The Forest of Everywhere” live on KDKA.

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  • Christopher Scott Wyatt, The Autistic Me Podcast

    Podcast — Bricolage and The Forest of Everywhere

    "You’ll meet a dancing burro who has lost his groove. And you need to help him get his groove back. You’ll meet a singing ostrich who lost her song. She needs you to sing with her and play her magic harp and then she’ll feel a little bit more grounded."

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