Somewhere between truth & fiction, reality & simulation Strata
  • Diep Tran, American Theater Magazine

    The Walls Come Tumbling Down

    "If in proscenium theatre the playwright is king, then in immersive theatre the audience wears the crown. In order to get a full experience, a person attending an immersive show might need to sing for his or her supper by walking around, snooping through drawers, talking to actors, playing at dying—things that are not usually allowed in a proscenium house. And, in most cases, spectators will not see everything. "

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  • Sean Collier, Pittsburgh Magazine

    Bricolage Has Mastered Dive-In Theater

    “The ability to really suspend the audience’s sense of disbelief is that much greater when you’re working with the real world,” Carpenter says. “I think that personal approach to storytelling is something that can get in the audience’s imagination . . . you could really get lost in it.”

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  • Bill O’Driscoll, Pittsburgh City Paper

    Bricolage's STRATA

    “You can take STRATA at face value, but you'd be missing the sly undercurrent of critique of self-actualization seminars and the like. At the same time, don't be surprised if your "refitnessing" provokes at least a little introspection alongside the fun.”

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  • Michelle Pelecki, Pittsburgh City Paper

    STRATA is probably the most ambitious theater event in local history

    “Challenging. Daring. Disorienting. That's just a start in how to describe Bricolage Production Company's collaborative STRATA: Pittsburgh's First Refitnessing Center, probably the most ambitious theater event in local history”

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  • Wendy Arons, The Pittsburgh Tatler

    STRATA at Bricolage

    “where that production’s immersion in the world of the senses had a transcendent effect, STRATA’s is more mischievous, at once both sincerely earnest and ironically tongue-in-cheek”

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  • Alice T. Carter, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

    Bricolage's STRATA Creates Unique Work

    “Abandon your expectations of what theater is and embark on an interactive, urban adventure with Bricolage Production Company"

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