OjO, The Next Generation of Travel
  • Diep Tran, American Theatre Magazine

    Beyond the Comfort Zone at the WoW and BOSSS Festivals

    “The best show at WoW was one I didn’t see. Instead, it was one that I smelled, listened to, and touched. In Bricolage’s OjO (“eye” in Spanish), I was blindfolded and taken on a trip to Mumbai, where the sound of the street bustle hit my ears, where curry tingled my nose (and made my stomach growl), and a chicken ran past my bare leg, making me flinch. At one point, I was at a bass-heavy dance party and someone grabbed my hand and asked me to dance.”

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  • Zachary Pincus-Roth, The Wall Street Journal

    All the World’s a Stage at WoW Festival

    “One of the more innovative works at this year’s [WoW] festival was “OjO,” by the Pittsburgh-based Bricolage. As audience members arrived at the venue, they handed over “boarding passes” at what appeared to be an airline counter. They were then blindfolded and taken for a sensory walk through streets where the air smelled of curry, chickens pecked at their legs and fabric peddlers aggressively sold their wares.”

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  • BWW News Desk, BroadwayWorld.com

    Bricolage’s Immersive Experience OjO Comes to San Diego

    “OjO's success helped solidify Bricolage's place as a leader in immersive theatre's renaissance. Their work puts audiences squarely into the storyline and calls on them to be active participants. STRATA and OjO collaborator Gab Cody says, "With Bricolage Production Company we are inventing, deconstructing and repurposing narrative structures so that the participants become the protagonists of our pieces."

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  • James Hebert, San Diego Union-Tribune

    WoW reviews: Moving moments at festival

    “Funny, mysterious, surprising, thought-provoking: A lot of words come to mind concerning "OjO," the tremendously inventive participatory piece from Bricolage Production Co. And yet it's hard to describe what it's like to experience, because much of the show's fun comes via the unexpected.”

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  • American Theatre Editors, American Theatre Magazine

    La Jolla Playhouse Slates Ambitious Lineup for Site-Specific WoW

    “Our inaugural Without Walls Festival in 2013 exceeded our wildest expectations, demonstrating that San Diego audiences continue to have a voracious appetite for one-of-a-kind experiences that transform our customary idea of theatre,” said artistic director Christopher Ashley. [The WoW Festival will include] the West Coast premiere of Bricolage Production Company‘s OjO: The Next Generation of Travel, a 75-minute adventure which will take audience members around the streets of the WoW Festival.

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  • Bob Karlovits, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

    A&E notebook: Bricolage will remount 'OjO' for San Diego festival

    “Using an array of city buildings and curious alleyways as its natural set, “OjO” is an immersive urban adventure that leads participants on a 90-minute perspective-altering trip into the world of the blind.”

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