BUS: Bricolage's Annual Fundraiser
  • Sean Collier, Pittsburgh Magazine

    Bricolage's BUS Ride Through Light-Speed Theater

    "Throughout 24 frenzied hours, the boundary-pushing theater group assembles a roster of talented directors, writers and performers, divides them into groups and challenges them to produce an original work with the clock ticking."

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  • Jason Clearfield, Pittsburgh in the Round

    Bricolage Production Company’s 12th Annual BUS!

    "It’s a variety of performance, very festive, unpredictable and a great sampling of what kind of active subject matter is happening amongst playwrights in this town"

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  • Jennifer Baron, NEXTpittsburgh

    11 Pittsburgh events not to miss in March

    "One of the local theater scene’s most anticipated happenings, the fiercely imaginative—and friendly—smackdown embodies the spirit of risk-taking and innovation."

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  • CP Staff, Pittsburgh City Paper

    Short List: March 9-16

    "Bricolage Productions’ big fundraiser is also its biggest annual high-wire act."

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  • Sharon Eberson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Stage preview: Go along for the ride with B.U.S. 11

    “For year 11, Bricolage Urban Scrawl is full steam ahead but also looking back on a decade of fast-paced creativity with the book “B.U.S.: 10 Years of 10-Minute Plays.”

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  • Rick Handler, Entertainment Central Pittsburgh

    BUS 11 Pulls into the Cultural District

    “If you’d like to see a bunch of the region’s best theater artists doing a whole lot of live theater on the spur of the moment—creating it practically off the tops of their heads (or maybe the seats of their pants)—try B.U.S. 11, the 11th annual Bricolage Urban Scrawl.”

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  • Jack Lake, Pittsburgh in the Round

    B.U.S. 11 Provides Laughs, Thoughtfulness and an Anthology!

    “This year’s event provided audiences with plenty of laughs, as many of the short plays are fast-paced comedies, but also on the bill were several thought provoking plays for patrons to digest long after closing curtain. Subjects such as PTSD, gentrification and race were touched on.”

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  • Pittsburgh Downtown Community Development Corporation

    Comedy on the edge at Bricolage

    “It’s back! The Bricolage Production Company proudly presents their 11th annual Bricolage Urban Sprawl event, otherwise known as B.U.S. 11. After a decade of successful productions, this year’s is sure to impress with some new twists, including a rare opportunity to possibly be a part of an immersive experience.”

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  • Mike Buzzelli, Burgh Vivant

    A Busload of Entertainment - A review of B.US. at Bricolage

    "Next year, you might want to hop on. It's a wild ride."

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  • Jennifer Baron, NEXTpittsburgh

    DIY theater: Bricolage Urban Scrawl turns 10 years young

    “You’ve got two nights to hop aboard the B.U.S. en route to one of Pittsburgh’s most eclectic fundraisers. A creative cocktail of guerrilla theater, friendly kidnapping and battle of the wits, Bricolage Production Company‘s signature benefit puts theater-making in the driver’s seat.”

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  • Sue Kerr, Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents

    The Tweet Seats- Celebrating Bricolage Urban Scrawl

    “Bricolage will collaborate with over 40 local theatre artists, asking them to risk their creative necks for this unconventional and exhilarating fundraiser experience. Inspired by a 90-minute city bus ride, these daring artists have just 24 hours to write, direct, and memorize six new 10-minute plays. The last stop on the journey is an unforgettable performance at The New Hazlett Theater.”

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