Accessible Theater

At Bricolage, we are committed to providing an environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all patrons.
WordPlay audience members are sitting in the theater enjoying each other's company
Photo by Handerson Gomes

Our space in downtown Pittsburgh, located at 937 Liberty Avenue, has wheelchair access and single-unit, all-gender restrooms. Tour the Bricolage theater before your visit with our Google 360 tour.

We are thrilled to offer a variety of accommodations to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible. At every Bricolage performance, we offer a Support Menu with items such as wheelchairs that can be requested in advance or day-of at check-in. We offer ASL Interpretation and Audio Description at every production (see our current season for individual dates).

Questions About Accessibility?

Contact Tami, Jeffrey or Michael at 412-471-01999 or


Support Menu

Thanks to the Robert F. and Joan Marie Klein Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation, Bricolage is delighted to offer the menu of items below at every single performance. You can request items in advance or at the time of the performance at check-in. To request items in advance, simply make a note in the comments section at checkout or contact Tami, Jeffrey or Michael at or 412-471-0999.

The contents of Spark explorer pack, including headphones a backpack and other items
S.P.A.R.K. Explorer Pack


  • Wheelchair
  • Rollator Walker with bag
  • General Mobility Assistance including assistance to and from the curb


  • Earplugs Noise-Reduction Earmuffs
  • Assisted Listening Devices radio assisted, non-loop


  • Fidgets
  • Weighted Lap Pads
  • Wearable Audio Vests (vibrate with bass and sub-bass audio frequencies, allowing guests who are Deaf or have limited hearing to “feel” sounds)
  • Dynamic Seats (squishy cushions that allow for dynamic movement while seated, for our guests who find it difficult to sit still)
  • S.P.A.R.K. Explorer Pack (recommended for children with sensory sensitivities and cognitive differences)


  • Braille Programs
  • Large Print Programs

ASL Interpretation

ASL interpreter, Heather Gray is seating and signing next to a performer on stage WordPlay.
ASL interpreter Heather Gray at WordPlay. Photo by Dave Rubin.

American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual language. The shape, placement, and movement of the hands, as well as facial expressions and body movements, all play important parts in conveying information. A Bricolage performance with ASL interpretation can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their level of hearing. For seated productions like WordPlay and Midnight Radio, our trained interpreters sit on or near the stage and interpret the sounds and vocals being performed.

We offer at least one scheduled ASL interpreted performance at every seated production (see our current season for individual dates). Due to the personalized nature of our immersive productions, interpretation is often provided through our Immersive Companions program.

Audio Description

With Audio Description, patrons can listen to a live explanation of the visual elements of a performance via a small radio receiver. This service provides a description of the set and props at the beginning of the performance. Between lines of dialogue, the service also describes the movements, gestures, and expressions of performers. Audio description at seated productions is provided via radio-assist; the “loop” is not installed in Bricolage’s theater.

We offer at least one scheduled Audio Described performance at every seated production (see our current season for individual dates). Due to the personalized nature of our immersive productions, Audio Description is often provided through our Immersive Companions program.

Immersive Companions

A male performer is offering a woman a small brown box. She is reaching for it.
Immersive Companion Karen Hannon participates in a training run of DODO. Photo by Handerson Gomes.

Our goal is to make Bricolage’s theater productions enjoyable to people of all abilities. While traditional theater can rely on standardized services for performances, immersive theater requires solutions that are hand-tailored to each show and individual.

To preserve the heavily sensory-based and personalized nature of immersive theater, Bricolage has piloted a new kind of accommodation. Learn more about the history of the program by reading our press release or checking out this feature in American Theatre Magazine.

How It Works

The Immersive Companions program is offered to attendees who would otherwise be unable to fully experience one of our immersive theater productions. Immersive Companions reach out to theater patrons in advance of the performance date to discuss their needs. On the day of their performance, the Immersive Companion accompanies them on their journey through the experience, providing assistance only as often as needed. For example, a patron who is visually impaired may be assigned an Immersive Companion who is trained in both sighted guide and audio description. The same participant may also experience changes to the production itself, such as the use of essential oils to emulate the calming effect of a section of the piece that is rooted in light design.

Become an Immersive Companion

Our Immersive Companions include paid specialists, volunteers, and accessibility professionals willing to donate their time to assist in our mission. Immersive Companions enter the program at all skill levels. We welcome all kind, patient, generous people to participate in the program. We also need companions with specialized training and certifications including (but not limited to):

  • Audio Description
  • ASL Interpretation
  • Federal child abuse clearances
  • Certified Autism Specialists
  • Behavioral Therapists
  • PHDs or advanced degrees in Occupational Therapy

To apply to become an Immersive Companion or to learn more, call 412.471.0999 or email Tami, Jeffrey or Michael at

Theater for All

What is Theater for All?

The list of initiatives we offer in an attempt to open our doors ever wider goes on, but no matter how many ways we try, there’s still one big problem for many of our potential attendees: our shows cost money, and money is tight. For those folks, we’re putting aside hundreds of tickets in 2020 that are absolutely, 100% free. No fees, no volunteer shift, no way to tell who paid apart from who didn’t. Sign up for our eblast here to find out about the next Theater for All dates or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

How Does It Work?

For every show Bricolage produces throughout the year, we’ll announce a day and time when anyone can get up to two tickets for FREE! These tickets will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis and can be claimed by using a discount code online, by phone, or in the lobby of Bricolage’s theater. When the tickets are gone, they’re gone…until the next Theater for All day for the next show!

How Do You Know the Tickets Are Going to the Right People?

Short answer? We don’t. And we don’t want to be the judge of who can and can’t afford to buy a ticket to our shows. So we’re going to do our part in making each Free Theater for All available to as many folks as we can, and trust that you’re not taking something that you don’t need.

Am I Going to Have to Sit in the Nosebleeds?

Every ticket to a Bricolage production is good for a full and complete experience, whether they’re bought at full price or given away for free. At Midnight Radio and WordPlay, all of our seats are General Admission, so you get to pick your seat when you get to the theater!

Can I copy this program at my theater?

We don’t mind if you copy Theater for All; in fact, we encourage it! All we ask is that you maintain some important basic principles. Most importantly, Theater for All is not a vehicle to give away what would already be unsat seats or to “paper the house”. It is a commitment to give away tickets for free to all shows, whether they can be easily sold or not. Patrons who utilize free tickets should have the same experience as those who paid for them. If you’d like to bring Theater for All to your theater we’d love to hear from you – email us at