Bricolage Production Company

Who We Are

Bricolage Production Company was founded in 2001 with the goal to expand the boundaries of theater by creating transformative experiences that include the audience as a central partner.

Bricolage is located in the heart of the cultural district in downtown Pittsburgh. We strive to continuously bring new theater experiences to the Pittsburgh cultural scene. These efforts were recognized by the Pittsburgh City Council who declared June 12, 2012 “Bricolage Day.”

Dedicated to making great theater accessible, Bricolage is also pioneering the way towards “theater for all” through our immersive companion program and accessibility accommodations. We actively reach out to the community through workshops, conversations with artists, and other enrichment activities both at our theater and across the Pittsburgh area.

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Bricolage’s mission is to immerse artists and audiences in adventurous theatrical experiences that foster connections and alter perceptions.

Artistic Vision

Bricolage envisions theater not as a passive experience, but as a vehicle for heightened involvement for artist and audience alike. Our approach encourages artists to take the creative risks necessary to create full-blooded, high-quality theatrical experiences that challenge audiences to engage in new ways, react, and express openly their opinions about our work – to have a stake in the creative discussion.

The word Bricolage means “making artful use of what is at hand.” What excites us is the connection and interaction between seemingly disparate elements, and the potential for these components to resonate as one cohesive event. We use the distinctive resources of the Pittsburgh region to create theatrical experiences that stimulate a heightened sense of involvement for the audience. “What is at hand” is the city’s changing landscape, its plentiful human and material resources, and the salient political, cultural, and ethical issues we all encounter and react to each day. By combining different artistic mediums, nourishing local talent, producing provocative work, and facilitating audience engagement, Bricolage seeks to revitalize live performance for a new era.


Bringing together talented people and working collaboratively towards a goal creates the best end product. We strive for every person who works with Bricolage to feel welcome and vital to the process.

Artistically, we strive to form our creative teams from diverse local talent that represents our community. Bricolage is committed to making its programs accessible to all. We take a non-traditional approach to our work, and with every new project we assemble a unique range of voices to inform our creative process.

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