Bricolage is a company led by artists. We expand the boundaries of theater to create transformative experiences. Our work encourages audiences to reconsider their relationships to their surroundings and each other. We embrace what’s at hand to cultivate collaborative environments that promote wonder and possibility.

Artistic Vision

Through our work:

We spark curiosity and excitement in the communities we serve

We question the status quo and re-imagine the systems that shape it

We cultivate deep reflection and reevaluation

We create environments to explore, play, and discover

We invite you to join us

Company Values

Bricolage is a company led by artists. Why does that matter? We believe the artistic process is vital to who we are, how we work and what motivates us to be creative. When our mission is clear, our values follow suit.  Our values remind us to continually investigate the “why” of what we create, what inclusion in our work looks like, and what barriers keep people from engagement. Our values are integral to the health of our organization, and our ability to fulfill our mission.


The Bricolage community, artists, audience, neighbors, board, and staff are the lifelines to fulfilling our mission.
Without these connections, we become detached, and when we get separated from our sources of support, strength, and hope, our creativity suffers. Connectivity ensures our very existence.


Our vitality is the source of power that fuels our work and reflects a spirit of abundance that we share with our community. It is our duty as artists to participate in activities that keep us fit, fabulous, and full.


High-quality work begins with clear direction and intentions. While we believe the impossible is negotiable, it is through the process of creating that we measure success: how well did we learn, how fulfilled do we feel, and how inspired are we to do it again?


Early success was rooted in our willingness to change. Flexibility must continue to serve us as we evolve. When we are flexible we are more curious, generous, and open to creative ideas and solutions, making us better collaborators and community members.


Our favorite value; it safeguards all the others. Keeping joy prominent means we make inspired choices and create mindful partnerships. It means that we enter into every project with a sense of wonder and possibility. It means we maintain a thankfulness for what we’ve been given and a gratitude for what we’ve earned. Joy is the reason and the reward.