ASL interpreter Heather Gray at WordPlay • HG Photography
We are committed to providing an environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all patrons, endeavoring to have transparency with programs that may present specific challenges for participation.

Our space at 937 Liberty Avenue is designed for wheelchair access and features all-gender restrooms. We also encourage you to identify any specific accommodations that would make your experience more enjoyable by contacting Fred Frances at 412.471.0999 or

Many of our shows also offer the following accommodations:

ASL interpretation, audio description, Braille, and large print programs.


Information on specific program accommodations can be found within the listings for our current season.

Immersive Companions

At Bricolage, we reject the notion that immersive theater cannot be made accessible to everyone. Through our Immersive Companions program, patrons can schedule to have a trained Companion accompany them throughout their experience at one of our immersive productions. Each patron is matched with an Immersive Companion who can meet any needs that they have to make their experience more comfortable and enjoyable, from specialized accommodations like ASL interpretation or audio description to things as simple as a helping hand on a staircase or a reassuring presence in a dark room. Your experience with an Immersive Companion is completely tailored to meet your needs, removing any potential barriers between you and a full, individualized experience at one of our shows. For more information about the Immersive Companions program, contact Fred Frances at 412-471-0999 or