Enter the Imaginarium

  • Ongoing

  • Wednesday - Sunday

  • 12 and up

Enter the Imaginarium

Enter the Imaginarium is a thrilling live-action adventure where immersive theater meets escape room! Work as a team to unlock worlds within worlds and discover clues to solve intricate puzzles. Race against the clock to locate the Imaginarium’s creator or risk being trapped inside — forever. Some will prevail, most will fail. Enter if you dare.

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This is NOT like any escape room you’ve ever experienced. This full-bodied sensorial adventure features lavish hyperrealistic sets and a pulse-raising storyline.

We are thrilled to partner with ScareHouse, Pittsburgh’s most celebrated haunted attraction, to develop an experience that blends both mystery and macabre. While ScareHouse is designed to torment and terrify adult fright fans, Enter the Imaginarium invites adventurers 12 and up to explore a much less scary realm of secrets and shadows.

Get your tickets at EntertheImaginariumpgh.com

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