• October 13 - November 19, 2017

  • 18 & up

“Since 1760, they’ve operated in secret, preparing the way. Once considered legend, they’ve been steadily growing in number and influence. Their existence, in direct response to a pressing need expressed by the natural world, is one of the most significant and far-reaching stories in America: a story of un-natural selection. A story of extinction. The actions of humanity have set into motion events that will outlive our species. It must now be determined what will endure. Do you know how you got here? Do you know where you’re going? Our past is a memory, our future is certain. DODO: the time has come.”

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Brought to you by Bricolage, this immersive theatrical adventure is created in collaboration with Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh as part of its Carnegie Nexus initiative. Designed to alter how modern audiences interact with cultural institutions, this heavily sensory-based and intimate piece will take place at Carnegie Museums’ historic Oakland facility. Embark on a personalized experience at the intersections of art and science, exploring public spaces in new ways and navigating behind-the-scenes areas normally off limits to traditional museum visitors.

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What is immersive theater? Click here for a look at how Bricolage explains it.

Arriving for your Appointment

Whether traveling by foot, bicycle, or motor vehicle, your journey will begin at Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh Parking lot, located at the intersection of S. Craig Street and Forbes Avenue. Once in the parking lot follow the DODO signs to the Portal Entry. Late entry is not permitted. Please leave any oversized bags or large items at home or in your vehicle. You will be required to check all personal items (except emergency medications and other items necessary to your health) including hats and bulky scarfs into a small locker prior to your experience. No printed tickets are necessary. Your name will be on the list.

After booking your tickets, you will be given specific instructions for your arrival and it is important that you follow them and share them with others in your party. Please note that during the show, performers may touch you to gently guide you through your experience. While your safety is our utmost concern, we require that you read and sign this release before your experience begins. You will be provided a copy of this release upon arrival at check-in.


If you are traveling by car, parking is available at the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh Parking lot for $6. Cash and credit cards are accepted at pay stations, and credit cards only are accepted at the parking lot exit lanes.


Bricolage is committed to providing an environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all patrons and we endeavor to have transparency with all our programs that may present specific challenges. We want you to know that this production may be difficult for patrons with mobility issues, as it requires audiences to move up and down stairs, and through uneven terrain. For those patrons, we offer a wheelchair accessible path, as well as a wheelchair for those who do not have one but would prefer to utilize one. Bricolage also provides accommodations such as audio description through its immersive companion program. We encourage you to communicate any specific ways we might help you better enjoy your experience by giving us a call at 412.471.0999 or emailing Fred at two weeks in advance of your desired attendance date (if possible) so that we can design an accommodation unique to your needs.

Warning: DODO includes a sensory experience with flashing lights.

Refund and Exchange Policy

DODO is a specific, individualized experience and tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded for any reason. However, if you’re unable to attend your performance date, you may return your tickets to Bricolage as a tax-deductible donation and become a member of our Partners in Adventure program. We ask that you please notify us by calling 412.471.0999 or emailing at least 48 hours prior to your originally scheduled reservation if you intend to donate your tickets for tax credit.



Video by Chris Martin 

See What Everyone Else Is Saying

  • At some point in “DODO,” I felt like I was floating. Or was it a waking dream?

    – Sharon Eberson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • In a journey encompassing pre-history and organisms large and small, light and art, sound and fury, Dodo asks existentialist questions and leaves play-goers to seek answers. And it’s fun, on the good side of weird.

    – Michelle Pilecki, Pittsburgh City Paper
  • Indiana Jones meets Kennywood

    – Pittsburgh Today Live
  • For the unprecedently ambitious DODO, Bricolage takes over the Carnegie Museums of art and natural history, including not only familiar gallery spaces but also hidden chambers seldom if ever accessible to the public.

    – Bill O'Driscoll, Pittsburgh City Paper
  • Gentle yet thrilling, troubling and wondrous, DODO in execution builds on what its nationally renowned team learned from their oft-extolled prior experiences Strata and OjO, while claiming a message of “self preservation” all its own. [Full review contains spoilers.]

    – Alex Knell, No Proscenium
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Meet the Cast & Crew

  • Creative Team

    • Jeffrey Carpenter, Director/Co-Creator
    • Gab Cody, Lead Writer/Co-Creator
    • Tami Dixon, Director/Co-Creator
    • Sam Turich, Director/Co-Creator
  • Carnegie Museums Advisory Team

    • Jo Ellen Parker, President, Carnegie Museums Pittsburgh
    • Maureen Rolla, Project Coordinator - Director of Strategic Initiatives
    • Brad Stephenson, Director of Marketing, Carnegie Museum of Art
    • Kathleen Bodenlos, Director of Marketing, Carnegie Museum of Natural History
    • Suzanne McLaren, Collections Manager, Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  • Sound Design

    • District 5 Sound (Sarah Pickett, David Gotwald, Chris Evans)
  • Lighting Design

    • Clear Story
  • Cast

    • Fred Frances
    • Zanna Fredland
    • Sarah Friedlander
    • Sonja Gable
    • Parag S. Gohel
    • Tyler Ray Kendrick
    • Andrea Kozai
    • Tal Kroser
    • Watipaso Kumwenda
    • Hazel Carr Leroy
    • Dave Malehorn
    • Michael McBurney
    • José Pérez IV
    • Simon Phillips
    • jomo ray
    • Kelsey Robinson
    • Emilie Sullivan
    • Johnny Terreri
    • Carrie Tongarm
  • Carnegie Museums Collections Team

    • Birds Collection: Steve Rogers, Collection Manager; Hannah Mellor, Collection Assistant
    • Mollusks Collection: Dr. Timothy A. Pearce, Curator of Mollusks & Section Head; Tim Dolan, Collection Assistant; Paul Robb, Collection Assistant
  • Production Coordinator

    • Amy Ehrenberg
  • Project Coordinator

    • Cory Goddard
  • Scenic Designer/Technical Director

    • Hank Bullington
  • Props Designer/Engineer

    • Anton Miriello
  • Costume Designer

    • Madison Hack
  • Sound Engineer

    • Angela Baughman
  • Production Assistant

    • Katelyn Colwell
    • Katy Click
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