A New Large-scale Immersive Soon to Emerge…

  • October 13 - November 19

  • Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History

Announcing the world-premiere of a thrilling new immersive production created in collaboration with Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh.

In recent years our immersive work has invented, deconstructed, and repurposed narrative structures to transport you into strange, new, and wonderful worlds: from the dystopian dreamscapes of STRATA, to worlds without sight in OjO: the Next Generation of Travel, to the enchanted forest in last summer’s Welcome to Here. These sensory-laden adventures put you in the midst of the action from which everything else spins.

This fall, we unveil our latest and greatest adventure created in collaboration with Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh as part of its Carnegie Nexus initiative. Designed to alter how modern audiences interact with cultural institutions, this heavily sensory-based and intimate piece will take place at Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History. Embark on a personalized experience at the intersections of art and science, exploring public spaces in new ways and navigating behind-the-scenes areas normally off limits to traditional museum visitors.

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This work aims to deliver an experience that will give unprecedented access to our audience into the deep recesses of the museums and leave them with a profoundly personal connection to both art and human history. Tami Dixon, Producing Artistic Director of Bricolage

The museums look forward to working with Bricolage to develop an immersive production that has the potential to set a new standard for participative experiences in the theater and museum fields. We believe the project has much to teach us, and, most importantly, great potential benefits for the audiences for who will join us on this journey. Jo Ellen Parker, President of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh





Creative Team

Jeffrey Carpenter – Director / Co-Creator
Gab Cody – Lead Writer / Co-Creator
Tami Dixon – Director / Co-Creator
Sam Turich – Director / Co-Creator

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  • "An immersive theater production will take visitors to places normally off-limits at the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History."

    – Deanna Garcia, WESA