Current Season

Enter the Imaginarium

  • Now Open

  • Wednesday - Sunday

  • 12 and up

Enter the Imaginarium

Set to run indefinitely as a local Pittsburgh attraction, Enter the Imaginarium is a thrilling live-action adventure where immersive theater meets escape room! Work as a team to unlock worlds within worlds and discover clues to solve intricate puzzles. Race against the clock to locate the Imaginarium’s creator or risk being trapped inside — forever. Some will prevail, most will fail. Enter if you dare.

Midnight Radio’s Holiday Spectacular!

  • December 1 - 17, 2016

  • Pre-show Happy Half-Hour

  • All Ages


It’s the time of year for family, friends, presents, egg nog, and snow! Come celebrate the season with a show sure to make your grandparents stop asking you about jobs, marriage, and babies!

B.U.S. 11

  • March 4 - 5, 2016

BUS 11

A daring exposé of Pittsburgh’s Most Adventurous Artists. Witness the Burgh’s top directors, playwrights, and performers race against time to create compelling original plays in only 24 hours.

Welcome to Here

  • May 12 - 15, 2016

  • EQT Children’s Theatre Festival

  • All Ages

Welcome to Here, A sensory friendly adventure

Welcome to Here is a sensory-sensitive adventure that provides a space for friends and families to celebrate, explore, and belong. This production is designed to welcome individuals with autism spectrum disorders and sensory sensitivities, but everyone is invited!


  • April 15-16, August 26-27

  • Happy Half Hour at 7:30pm

  • Show at 8:00 pm


WordPlay is a new spin on the age-old tradition of storytelling. With brazen honesty and creativity, actors, comedy writers, and everyday people read their own stories while our DJ spins a real-time soundtrack using anything from Brahms to Beyoncé. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll get an extremely intimate look into the life of a total stranger.