• Pittsburgh Post Gazette

    Hot list of events for March 30 - April 2

    "WordPlay, people sharing their stories with a live soundtrack, is back at Bricolage Productions Friday and Saturday with a new lineup of storytellers"

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  • CP Staff, Short List March 30- April 6

    Short List: March 30 - April 6

    "WordPlay returns with an especially intriguing group of talents who’ll tell their personal stories while a DJ creates a real-time soundtrack"

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  • Jennifer Barron, NEXT Pittsburgh

    WordPlay blends live storytelling, interactive fun and DJ soundtracks

    "Get ready to experience an extremely intimate, imaginative, brazen, and frank glimpse into the lives of total strangers"

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  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Hotlist for the weekend beginning April 9: Word and Music

    “The tradition of storytelling is on display in “WordPlay,” the Bricolage series that blends the sharing of personal true stories with a live music mash-up. Actors, comedy writers and others with a story to tell read their stories while a DJ spins a real-time soundtrack, using anything from Bruno Mars to Bach.”

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  • CBS Pittsburgh

    Bricolage To Host “Word Play” Event

    VIDEO: Bricolage stops by to talk about the upcoming “Word Play” show!

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