Bricolage To Use First NEA Grant To Take Patrons 'Underground' At Carnegie Museums

    An immersive theater production will take visitors to places normally off-limits at the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History.

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  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Sharon Eberson

    Bricolage's 'Midnight Radio' invites you to get zombified

    "Bricolage's twist adds more Pittsburgh flavor, humor and commercial spoofs to "feast on your funny bones as yinz laugh your brains aht."

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  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette

    Hot list of events for March 30 - April 2

    "WordPlay, people sharing their stories with a live soundtrack, is back at Bricolage Productions Friday and Saturday with a new lineup of storytellers"

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  • Amanda Cooney, BOLD Pittsburgh

    Enter the Imaginarium

    "This is unlike any other escape room you have seen. The two institutions are a perfect match as they bring you this challenging and unique experience."

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  • Sean Collier, Pittsburgh Magazine

    Bricolage's BUS Ride Through Light-Speed Theater

    "Throughout 24 frenzied hours, the boundary-pushing theater group assembles a roster of talented directors, writers and performers, divides them into groups and challenges them to produce an original work with the clock ticking."

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  • Christine Woods, Medium

    Bricolage’s “Immersive Encounters: The Ascendants”

    "It was the suggestive lights, subtle tactile effects, and perfectly timed rhythm of the performers that completed the submersion into the dream-like world."

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  • Gwendolyn Kiste, Pittsburgh City Paper

    Midnight Radio’s Holiday Spectacular! at Bricolage

    "Performed in the style of a 1940s radio program, this Bricolage production is a delightful nod to holiday mainstays while including plenty of local flair and Pittsburgh in-jokes."

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  • Candy Williams, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

    Children's Theater Festival takes over Pittsburgh's Cultural District

    “The immersive piece tells a story of a personal quest into a land filled with whimsical characters and enchanted terrain. It is sensory-sensitive, from the lighting and costumes to the design of the sound stage”

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  • Diep Tran, American Theatre Magazine

    Beyond the Comfort Zone at the WoW and BOSSS Festivals

    “The best show at WoW was one I didn’t see. Instead, it was one that I smelled, listened to, and touched. In Bricolage’s OjO (“eye” in Spanish), I was blindfolded and taken on a trip to Mumbai, where the sound of the street bustle hit my ears, where curry tingled my nose (and made my stomach growl), and a chicken ran past my bare leg, making me flinch. At one point, I was at a bass-heavy dance party and someone grabbed my hand and asked me to dance.”

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