• Gwendolyn Kiste, Pittsburgh City Paper

    Midnight Radio’s Holiday Spectacular! at Bricolage

    "Performed in the style of a 1940s radio program, this Bricolage production is a delightful nod to holiday mainstays while including plenty of local flair and Pittsburgh in-jokes."

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  • Pittsburgh City Paper, Michelle Pilecki

    Night of the Living Dead N’at at Bricolage, a parody of the zombie classic delivers

    "Cheesy, camp, funny and fast. Midnight Radio is a brilliant concept, and Bricolage Production Co.’s current edition, Midnight Radio: Night of the Living Dead N’at, delivers."

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  • Amanda Cooney, BOLD Pittsburgh

    Enter the Imaginarium

    "This is unlike any other escape room you have seen. The two institutions are a perfect match as they bring you this challenging and unique experience."

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  • Jayne Gest, Smart Business Magazine

    Bricolage Production Company Breaks Barriers

    "With sensual, dreamlike environments that seek to heighten awareness, stir memories and promote deeper participation in the work, or marketing techniques that extend the world of the play into the ticket buying experience, Bricolage pushes the boundaries of theater."

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  • Sharon Eberson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Stage preview: Go along for the ride with B.U.S. 11

    “For year 11, Bricolage Urban Scrawl is full steam ahead but also looking back on a decade of fast-paced creativity with the book “B.U.S.: 10 Years of 10-Minute Plays.”

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  • Candy Williams, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

    Children's Theater Festival takes over Pittsburgh's Cultural District

    “The immersive piece tells a story of a personal quest into a land filled with whimsical characters and enchanted terrain. It is sensory-sensitive, from the lighting and costumes to the design of the sound stage”

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  • Jennifer Barron, NEXT Pittsburgh

    WordPlay blends live storytelling, interactive fun and DJ soundtracks

    "Get ready to experience an extremely intimate, imaginative, brazen, and frank glimpse into the lives of total strangers"

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