Season Ticket Packages


June 7-15

If we receive cancellations, we will post the dates and times on Facebook and Twitter.  The spots will be filled first come, first served.  


The Next Generation of Travel. 

No matter your destination, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.

The texture of rain. The sound of the sun. The expanse of your mind. 

Immerse yourself in a spontaneous adventure.

OJO provides the ultimate in unparalleled personal service and the best travel packages available.  Our specialized staff of agents guarantees your experience will be unforgettable. Exciting new discoveries await you. 

Because it’s never to late to see the world.

This project is made possible by the Pittsburgh Foundation's Investing in Professional Artists residency grant.

Creative Team

Jeffrey Carpenter - Artistic Director/Co-conceiver/Director
Tami Dixon - Producing Artistic Director/Co-conceiver/Director
Gab Cody - Co-conceiver/Lead Writer
Sam Turich - Co-conceiver/Director

Hannah Nielsen- Jones - Co-conceiver
Brendan Kepple - Sound Designer/Sound Engineer

Production Team

Alicia DiGiorgi - Production Manager
Hannah Nielsen-Jones - Production Assistant
Michael Young - Production Assistant
Brendon Martin - Production Intern/Run Crew
Caitlin Roper - Run Crew
Katie Keirs - Run Crew
Alex Tobey - Run Crew
Alex Franz - Run Crew
Alex Carpenter - Run Crew/Guest Blogger

Artistic Team

Michael Young
Ricardo Vila Roger
Nick Duggan
Ife Foy
John Feightner
Hannah Nielsen-Jones
Dominique Brock
Johnny Terreri
Andrea Kozai
Joanna Getting
Ann Lapidus
Joyce Driben
Lauren Bethea
Sara Williams
Anqwenique Wingfield

Sunday, June 15, 2014 - 6:00pm