In the Raw

by Alan Olifson

Tickets are free. Seating is limited; please email Tami for reservations.

According to a People magazine senior editor, "40 is not just the new 30, it’s the new 20."  And Olifson has just the play to prove it. Manchild: My Life without Adult Supervision is a one-man show chronicling the author's ongoing battle with adulthood (i.e. settling down, marriage, fatherhood) through a series of essays accompanied by a live DJ score.  It is theater in the spirit of Spalding Gray with a splash of David Sedaris and This American Life; storytelling with a soundtrack. 

ManChild found its beginnings in both Olifson's award-winning humor column for the Boston Phoenix, and in the acclaimed storytelling show he produced and performed in Los Angeles for over five years, WordPlay. The show combined comedy essays from various writers with a live soundtrack to great effect. The stories in ManChild  mostly began as humor column pieces, were fleshed out for live performance in WordPlay and are now ready to stand on their own in one themed show.

As a performer and writer, Alan Olifson brings 10 years of involvement in L.A.'s dynamic storytelling scene on top of 20 years of stand-up comedy experience. In his short time in Pittsburgh he has already become host of The Moth's official StorySLAM event at the Rex Theatre as well we a staple in the city's thriving comedy scene, including a recent surprise poetry slam victory at Steel City Slams.

Nancy Steadle (DJ Firefly) has hosted a weekly radio show on Pittsburgh's WRCT FM for 7 years, and currently serves as the station's electronic music director. She DJs at Remedy on the first Friday of each month, and plays keyboards for Pittsburgh electro-fusion band Universal Beat Union.



Monday, May 14, 2012 - 7:00pm