What is immersive theater?

For years now, we have been exploring ways to place the individual audience member at the center of the theater experience.

Seeking alternatives to more traditional models, we are driven to find dynamic and deeper ways to connect with you, our community. You are a vital part of the process and resulting experience; without the audience we are just rehearsing.

Our immersive work assembles creative teams that build layered experiences around burning questions, granting opportunities for audience agency, and inviting a responsiveness that alters the experience from one audience member to another. You will not be sitting in a theatre when you experience our immersive work. You will move from space to space, encountering artists and environments that are designed to break the fourth wall and solicit individual and personal responses.

Sensual, dreamlike environments seek to heighten awareness, stir memories, and promote deeper participation in the work, often integrating marketing techniques that extend the world of the play into the ticket buying experience, or seemingly seek to sublimate or subvert expectations from the outset by the use of so-called “anti-campaigns.” You might not know what is and what is not a part of the experience. Your curiosity is something we aim to engage.

In this way, we create multiple touch points that spur connection and imagination by exploring the thresholds between art and commerce, private and public, the individual and society, access and exclusion. We believe that everything is connected and when those connective tissues are identified and explored empathy and greater understanding is possible.

We invite you to explore our immersive programming with an open mind and an adventurous spirit. To read more about our immersive programs, click here.