Our Supporters

Bricolage would like to thank all the foundations and corporations who have helped make what we do possible.

Foundations and Corporate Support

Allegheny Regional Asset District
The A. W. Mellon Educational & Charitable Trust Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
The Benedum Foundation
The Betsy McCormack Fund
Bistro to Go Café & Catering
The Buhl Foundation
The Falco DeBenedetti Fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation
Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council
The Greater Pittsburgh Small Arts Organization Capitalization Program
The Gruber Foundation
The Heinz Endowments
The Henry J. Simmonds Foundation
The National Endowment for the Arts
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
The Pittsburgh Foundation
Pittsburgh Port Authority
The Opportunity Fund
The QueeQueg Foundation
The Richard King Mellon Foundation
The Rita M. McGinley Fund
The Sprout Fund
Stelmack Dobransky & Eannace LLC
UBS Financial Services

Partners in Adventure

Bricolage would like to thank the amazing individuals that have made Bricolage’s 2016 season possible.

Adventurer ($5000+)

Marie and Jeff Stapinski

Voyager ($1000-$4999)

James McCluskey and Hanni Cordes
Hazel Leroy
Richard and Karen Miller
Norine Minion
Marilyn Painter
Rod and Donna Schwartz
Henry and Mary Snyder
Brian Pietrandrea and Allison Whitney

Pathfinder ($500-$999)

Chuck and Nancy Adreon
Marjorie and Alan Baum
Scott and Susan Carpenter
Michelle and Mohammed Hoang
Maher Hoque
David and Cynthia Jeselnik
Robert and Arlene Weiner

Wayfarer ($250-$499)

Reid and Carole Carpenter
Robert and Jeanne Drennan
Abby and Jason Kumpel
Charlie Hunter
Gary and Nancy Kepple Household
Bonita Kwolek and Jeffrey Wagner
Dennis K. Pittman
Michael Ramsay
Jacki Savage and Steve Gelernter
Michael and Lynn Simon
Mark and Niecy Southers
Thomas and Judy Thompson
Carol Wooten and Ed Tomlinson

Explorer ($100 – $249)

Erik Andrews
Wendy Arons
Mohammed Bamyeh and Randall Halle
Andrew Butcher and Julie Butcher Pezzino
Greg and Rachel Colker
Ginny Cunningham
Emily De Ferrrari
Gilbert DeBenedetti
Anthony and Karen DeCecco
Dinah Denmark and Alice Greene
James Denova
Deborah Edwards
Debbie Efkeman
Jack and Patty Farkas
Lauri Fink
Jennifer Flaggs
Nachum Golan
Susan Golomb
Heather Gray
MaryAnn Graziano
Gloria G. Hahn
Ed and Emily Haver
Andrew and Debra Hays
Mark Homyak
Ann Lapidus
David and Diane Lassman
Mary Ann and John Lovasz
Carmelle Nickens
Hannah Nielsen-Jones and John Sawyer
Todd Owens and Jami Rutherford
Christopher and Mary Rawson
Manuel D. Reich
Maureen Rolla
Joy Sabl
Lisa Scales
Derek and Kimberly Scalzott
Rick Schweikert and Sherrie Flick
Tara Sherry-Torres
Roseanne Silva
Jonathan and Susan Speicher
Linda and Jay Thier
Jane Thompson
Ray and Susan Werner
Ansley Westbrook

Sightseer ($1-$99)

Lorrie K. Albert
Linda Bamberg
Samantha Barnes
Robert Baumbach
David and Noreen Begg
Samantha Bennett
Gina Blake
Ken Bolden
Karla Boos
John and Judith Carpenter
E. Thomas Cihil
Thomas Clinton
Filomena Conti
Marie Cosgrove-Davies
Steve Cuden
Michelle De La Reza and Peter Kope
Stephanie DeCecco Spier
Bryan and Jaime DeCecco
Carol Deicke
William Delaney
Kathleen Downey
Casey Droege
Kristen Ehrenberger
Annette and Tony Ferrieri
Michelle Figlar and Greg Quinlan
Lynn Geibel
Jerry Gindele
Parag S. Gohel
Dana and Richard Green
Carol Sikov Gross
Larissa Gula
Karen Hannon
Elizabeth Hedin
Daniel and Renee Irvin
Laura Jackson
Lonnie Jantsch
Sally Jefferies
Amanda Johnson
Chris Josephs
Tessa Karel
Kerry Kelty
Mark Kimak
James Kincaid and Nita Moots Kincaid
Gregory Lehane and Laurie Klatscher
John Kostuch
Frank Lacenere
Amy Lammert
Karen and Larry Lapidus
Lauren Braun and Douglas Levine
Sarah Lolley and Patrick Filip
William Lovas
Michele Margittai
Jason McCune
Kathleen Gaines
Charles and Sally McKenzie
Ann Michalski
Ann Miner
Lauren Morrison
Mary Moses
Fred Noel and Rick Fredin
Shelly Pagac
Joanna Patterson
Carole Popchock
Alice Rader
Karen and Tom Reynolds
Martin Richter and Paula Signorino-Richter
Doug and Jan Ripper
Michael Rubino
Barbara Russell
Adam, Cynthia, & M.T. Shaffer
Helen Short
Melanie Shrawder
Molly Sinclair and Michael Zawoyski
Francesca Sirianni
Linda Sirianni
Darlene Stockhausen
Irene Surmik
Jessica Taubner
Gary Terner
Josh Verbanets
Stacey and Brian Vespaziani
Doug Davis and Brigitte Viellieu-Davis
Victor Vrabel
Erika Fricke and Daniel Warner
Paul Welle
Kyle Bostian and Tiffany Wilhelm
Chadd Williams
Jocelyn Wrzosek
Richard Yank

This list is accurate to the best of our knowledge as of September 25, 2017 for all of our 2017 Partners in Adventure program. Donations received from June 1st, 2016 – June 30th, 2017 qualify for 2017 benefits. If you have questions about the Partners in Adventure program or your donation records or listing, please contact Bricolage’s Development Manager, George, at george@webbricolage.org